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International Tax Consultants

Welcome to the world of cross-border living and working!


Cappon Tax promotes the interests of individuals and the employees of companies that operate internationally at national and international level. Originally mainly for the dredging, offshore and cruise industries, these days we service any type of in- and expats.


With more than 22 years of experience Cappon Tax's tax advisors are ready to find out exactly what this means for you. If you cross a border to live, work, study or do business, you will have to deal with the rules and obligations of another country. But it is not always clear what this means for you personally: what arrangements should you make, what are the consequences of emigration or cross-border work for your tax liabilities and payments or your health insurance policy and pension accrual?


Uncoordinated decisions by governments can lead to an increased risk of double taxation, unequal competition and greater uncertainty about the consequences of working and doing business internationally in a way that hinders international business and investment.


Trust in the tax system is essential for a well-functioning society.
Cappon Tax helps you to ensure that tax obligations in your country of residence and / or country of work are properly met. Transparency and openness are very important for this.


Does your company work with international employees or do you intend to do so in the future?

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Cappon Tax consists of highly experienced tax advisors and works with lawyers, notaries, insurance and mortgage advisors.

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Specialised in taking care of income tax returns for small and medium-sized businesses and many other services.

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International Tax Consultants

Cappon Tax promotes the interests of individuals and companies operating internationally and their employees at national and international level.

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