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Income tax return


Have you recently received the famous blue envelope for submitting your annual income tax return?


We are happy to compile your income tax return for you and submit it electronically to the tax authorities. Even if you do not have to file a tax return, but you are expecting a refund.


We can assist with more than just the income tax return: we can assess whether:

  • you are entitled to benefits

  • a change to your provisional assessment is required

  • for which tax schemes you might be eligible and

  • we can represent you in objection and appeal matters

Income tax return for death (F-ticket)


The income tax return after a death can be complex.


In principle, the tax partnership of the deceased ceases with his / her tax partner, but the partner left behind can choose to be seen as a tax partner for the entire year. In that case, a tax return cannot be made immediately, but only at the end of the tax year. It is important to see what is the most advantageous option in your situation.

Income tax return in connection with (r (e-) migration (M-note)


When emigrating abroad or when returning to the Netherlands (immigration) you will be confronted with an M-ticket.


Upon deregistration from the GBA, an M ticket is automatically sent to your address abroad.


The M-ticket cannot be submitted electronically by yourself, so you will also receive a paper tax return. The M-ticket service must always be submitted before July 1 of a year.


As a tax consultant, we can submit your M-note electronically, moreover it can be complex and the help of a tax adviser is not a superfluous luxury.


If you have not received an M-ticket then it is wise to apply for one yourself, as often emigration can lead to a tax refund! We are of course happy to help you.

Non-resident income tax return (C-note)


A C-note is intended for taxpayers who live outside the Netherlands but still receive income from the Netherlands. This includes not only income from employment, pensions and AOW, but also income from assets such as real estate located in the Netherlands.

Digital Nomade declaration


We regularly assess the tax position of so-called digital nomads, often creative professionals such as bloggers, designers, journalists, etc.

The 'nomad' often finds that he actually lives nowhere, so he should not pay tax anywhere. Unfortunately, the (Dutch) tax authorities do not always agree with this. If you spend a small number of months or years or travel and then return to the Netherlands, the Netherlands is inclined to say that you have never left for tax purposes.

The digital nomad is constantly traveling and can now work and earn money. His or her boss, client or followers don't care where he or she actually is, as long as the work is done.

Where am I now liable for tax and social insurance contributions?

There are tax risks to this work and lifestyle, both for income tax and VAT. We can help you assess your tax position and limit these risks as much as possible. Often this only happens afterwards, but preferably we advise you in advance, so that you can take into account what you should and should not do to maintain a favourable tax position.

Deferral arrangement


We use the deferment scheme, a facility for tax consultants offered by the Tax Authorities. In short this arrangement means that the deadline for submitting the income tax return is postponed by one year. We distribute the declarations of our clients over the year. This may mean that your income tax return is submitted after 1 May. However, on request, we will take care of your declaration in the desired period.

Inheritance tax


When someone dies, things can get complicated. Unfortunately, you also have to arrange many things during this difficult time. One of these things is the division of the inheritance. An inheritance consists of all assets and debts that a deceased person leaves behind.


In many cases, when you receive an inheritance, you must pay inheritance tax.

Be well informed


Often an inheritance does not only consist of money, moreover account must be taken of what is contained in a possible will. The exact value is sometimes difficult to determine. Cappon Tax helps you with this, maintains contact with the notary and draws up the inheritance tax declaration for you.

Prevent tax interest? Contact us today!


Heirs must submit the inheritance tax return within 8 months of the death. It may be more advantageous to submit this declaration well before the end of this period. This is because from a certain point in time a tax rate of 4% can be charged.


If a declaration is made within 3.5 months after death, you do not owe any tax interest. If this does not work, ask us to prepare a provisional declaration within 5 months; even then tax interest can be prevented.

Gift tax


If you want to donate an amount or receive a donation, you may have to pay gift tax on this. Cappon Tax guides you through this process and ensures that you can make the best possible tax use of the legal facilities and exemptions.

Request 30% arrangement


Briefly summarised, the 30% ruling for incoming employees offers the possibility to give qualifying employees a certain tax-free allowance for the so-called extraterritorial costs (expenses) that this employee incurs as a result of (temporary) employment in the Netherlands.


The 30% regulation is partly accessible to young PhD graduates; if they take up a job immediately after they have completed their PhD in the Netherlands the condition that they must be appointed from abroad expires.


Do you or your (future) employee think you can make use of this scheme, ask us about the conditions and our step-by-step plan to request a scheme.

Request expat residence certificate


To prove that he is a resident of the Netherlands for payroll tax purposes, an employee can request a residence certificate from the tax authorities.


If you receive interest, royalties or dividends from abroad, tax is often deducted from the payment. This is called withholding tax. If the Netherlands has a treaty with the country from which the income originates, then you may be entitled to (partial) exemption or refund of the withheld or withheld tax. This depends on the agreements made about this in the tax treaty. If you are entitled to (partial) exemption or refund of foreign tax, you must submit a request for exemption or refund to the tax authorities of the relevant treaty country.

Personal visit


Of course our advisers can also come to your home; sometimes it is nice to meet at home. For example, because you have a temporary disability or are ill or you simply have more confidence in a domestic environment to tell your story and ask your questions.


No problem, we are happy to come to your home.


You can cancel or change an appointment or registration for a home visit free of charge within 3 days (after registration or appointment). If you are not present during the appointment, we will charge you for the call-out costs and administration costs.



As an experienced tax consultant, we use our own tax return software. We do not need your DigiD or authorization code to compile your income tax return.

Mailing address


You can also use a postal address for your tax assessments at Cappon Tax, whereby we will forward your assessment to you; This is very easy if you are often outside the Netherlands or no longer registered in the Netherlands.

               Private Services

International Tax Consultants

Cappon Tax promotes the interests of individuals and internationally operating companies and their employees at national and international level.

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